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Hsingyu Liu 柳星宇

Hello! My name is Hsingyu Liu 柳星宇. Welcome to my site!

Por favor, haz clic en mi foto o aquí para entrar, pero SÓLO si tienes al menos 21 años

Hi, sir. This is a Chinese faggot looking to be used, abused, and controlled by men. It is proud to be slut slave. It's easy to use and not asking for anything - just tell it what you expect and it does as ordered.

It loves just sucking and being fucked. It's looking to be used and abused by one or more men. It's looking to have its useless little cock locked up as its too small to top or please a real man. To the real men of the world, It should be completely exposed to teach that it's a pathetic pig with a useless cock that can not permanently free erection and cum.

It loves anything about piss: drinking from the tap or from a bottle; making it strip naked and pissing on the pile of the clothes, etc. Public service and nudity is also possible at the discretion of the master. Clothes are not something it deserve. And it always respects men who enjoy ball busting, it loves being trampled and kicked like a ball.

It will do as told, lick whatever, wear whatever, take whatever, do whatever as told as long as discussed or agreed to in advance. It gets off on serving you, you getting off, and your needs and wants being fulfilled. It loves strangers walking up to it and grabbing its crotch or fingering its cum filled hole in public or even fucking it in public

It cannot host now, but can travel anywhere around and gets off submitting in places like cars, parks, alleys, etc.

All the photo videos and personal data it upload or you take can be used in any way, expose to any place you want. Knowing them will be on the internet and for everyone to share freely is frightening. It wants to lose control of its privacy, and it know there is no going back from this. It wants to be permanently exposed as pigs on the Internet. And being excited about it is proof that it is a pig.

It is not necessarily looking for long term, but ideally, it wants to be an owned, exposed online and also pimped out by a master to random strangers for use.

What it's particularly interested in are listed below, but what you (as a dom guy) like, is what matters, and what it ultimately enjoys as well. Take its clothes away and make it serve you and your friend. Take any pics you want and let your friends watch and laugh. Thank you sir!

Particularly into:

Facefucking/verbal - If I gag it's my problem, not yours.


Dildos/plugs - Have worn a plug under clothes in public before.

Chastity/cum control




Body writing

edge / milking (until dry)

saliva / sole / stinky foot / ass / smegma / lick toilet / human toilet use

whipping/spanking/extending chaste time/edge but refusing ejaculation

hot wax / ice cubes

Shaving/forced haircuts


Things it always wanted to try

1) Be Spit roasted

2) Fucked by a group guy after guy

3) Be walked around a sauna/Cruise bar in just collar and chastity serving anyone who want.

Just fantasy, but now can't achieve

1) only can use the catheter for urination

2) be locked in a dog cage and locked at night

3) Be slave 24/7


Anything that might cause real damage

Anything permanent not agreed first



Financial/cash doms

Breath control



Y estoy muy orgulloso de formar parte de TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed!